El límite de las palabras (The limit of words) (2009) (for soprano, baritone & percussion) The piece is based on a short fragment of Lucretius' “de Rerum Natura”, in which he describes the essence of language. What are words made of? How do they exist and travel in space? How do we perceive them in time? Lucretius' particular answer to this issues was that of an atomist: words are made of an infinite number of particles which, in their particular journey towards the listener, collide with solid objects, are refracted or even dissipate in the air. In my piece I try to represent Lucretius' conception by encapsulating his own words in different spaces as well as by stretching and compressing them in time. In many cases, this process challenges the own physiognomy of the words to the maximum, thus, leaving their sense of unity and the possibility of their identification in an extremely frail territory. This realm represents precisely what I regard as the “limit of words”. home      back/atrás audio