Music located 'behind', directed towards a place other than the expected one, almost inaccessible. Occasionally a window opens to the interior of the performance: a virtual mirror reflects the musicians and transports their image to the observable outside.   A hidden camera captures the movement and the gesture of the performers. These are projected onto different screens on the stage, creating a complex geography of correspondences between the front side and the back side.   The 'mirrors' are flexible, made of different materials and textures. They are artefacts fully integrated in the musical discourse; sound and image mingle indissolubly, almost alchemically.    A surface is folded, the reflected image is folded, music is folded (the audience is folded (?)) Musical space as a complex extension: segmented, divided, fractioned, suggested, virtual or real. Echoes of Machaut: filtered, reflected, evoked, deformed, magnified, miniaturized, holding the structure, as an ornament, as an ornament of an ornament, as mystery or evidence.   Leonardo trapped in the water, in the flute, in the speaker, on the screen, in the air, on the mirrors.   Hitchcock behind everything, guilty, glimpsing out of the window. El lugar callado home español