El pliegue de las cosas (for solo trumpet and recordings) A fold is defined by a crease in a flat surface, an irregularity that changes the exterior nature of an object. My piece takes place within a metaphorical musical fold: the actual sound of the trumpet is regarded as a uniform surface which is constantly warped by the use of different objects and artificial acoustic spaces. The music develops within this twisted territory in which the real identity of the instrument is altered and multiplied. Deleuze maintained that the world could be interpreted as a body of infinite folds and surfaces that twist and twine themselves through compressed time and space. This piece is intended as a musical representation of this idea: a journey in which the sonic nature of the trumpet is pulverized and challenged almost to an unidentifiable point. In such a way, the same materials are filtered over an over again along the timeline, so that they are perceived as ever changing folds of the same phenomenon. 'El pliegue de las cosas' works in a similar way to an origami construction, in which the same a piece of paper is transformed by an arrangement of consecutive folds without the use of any additional element: glue or new fragments of paper. home    back/atrás audio (fragment)