Work for 8 loudspeakers and 16 transducer loudspeakers placed on the windows and stairs of the  Artiatx factory in the Zorrotzaurre island (Bilbao, Spain). The piece was conceived for the two upper floors of this building, allowing two main listening experiences (depending on the floor on which the audience sits). The piece is also inspired by the notion of imaginary and erronously charted islands. Each loudspeaker operates as an independent sonic island within the general acoustic framework. The latin term "insula" has meanings: island and multileveled apartment building. This coincides with the work's spatial conception: two different vertical levels and multiple, insular sonic sources located on different points of the building's geography. Additionally, transducers are placed on different surfaces (windows, wooden banisters of the stair connecting the two floors, etc.), transforming architectural elements into loudspeakers. Insula/Insulae (Eea...Null...Zorrotzaurre) (2020)
Recording from the 2nd floor:
Recording from the 1st floor: home The piece’s map: