8 what is essential for you in composition? What I appreciate more in composition and art in general is a certain sense of difference. This is not necessarily related to notions such as 'professionalism' or 'quality' (which are normally used within academic environments). It is not about 'inventing the wheel' either but rather about reformulating what already exists. 9 is the concept of 'new' still relevant today? if so, what does it mean? I like better the term 'different'. I believe this is an essential issue. As I stated in the previous answer I do not believe that we have to invent the wheel over and over again but rather to re-contextualize or reformulate what is already there. Materials, regardless of their origin, usually belong to the supermarket of possibilities, to the array of creative choices. It is just the way in which we reformulate and reuse them what makes the difference. This may be carried out by mere musical procedures or by other external means: space, gesture... 10 is there any relationship between what¹s happening in the world and your work? I personally try to detach as much as possible what I do as a composer from the social aspects that surround me (this does not mean that I am not actively taking part in society from a personal perspective). I think, however, that even if I intend to build an artificial, creative refuge there are several aspects of experience, of the time and the space in which we live that involuntarily permeate into my work. I never try, however, to evidently incorporate them in my work, to push them manifestly over the surface of the piece. They occasionally show up as a remnant of a thought, an image, a sound, a dream, a text, a perception...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           home   back/atrás