Todo lo que no (2010) (for six percussionists) As a child I was always fascinated by the sounds coming out of the doors and windows at the courtyard of the block where I lived. There was a whole collection of sounds and voices which was poured into the space through semi-opened and closed windows. One could only sense very vaguely the actual origin of the sounds as they were ‘filtered’ by the small gaps and cracks from which they came out. My game involved speculating about the nature of the sounds without seeing the source which produced them: was it the radio? the washing machine? a dog? a dryer? air-conditioning? someone talking? a lion? The identification of these sounds with its concrete or invented source was completed by one’s imagination and intuition. I’ve always been interested in the idea of creating spaces in which live music is not to be seen, but rather to be ‘suggested’. A realm in which a dissociation between the gesture of the performer and the actual sonic result is present, leaving a space for conjecture. home back/atrás