audio/video     (selection) Línea de vacío (2010) (for ensemble) -Nieuw Ensemble home video (fragment) I reached A through the throng through the threshold through the throb (2012) (for ensemble lights and speakers) -Klangexekutive ensemble (Münchener Biennale) video audio audio 00º33'45”N 00º45'33”W (2013) (for piano and record players) -Kristoffer Hyldig, piano + record players. audio Final responses to G.M. (2012) for ensemble -Ensemble Platypus, audio Geografía del pliegue (2014) (for sax, percussion and piano) -Ensemble Nikel audio A life at the radio’s threshold (2014) (for piano, pc, vl, vla, vcl, midi controller, vibrational speakers) -Insomnio ensemble audio Title 29 (2014/2015) (for alto saxophone, percussion, unplayed distant piano, invisible midi controller keyboard) -Tamgram Project audio, Huella y Horizonte (2015) (For tenor saxophone, 6 metal sheets (5 percussionists), transducers and midi controller             -Pedro Pablo Cámara (sax),              Ensemble This Ensemble That (pc) audio, video Piel y distancia (2015) (For violin, viola, cello (played with a transducer), unplayed violin, midi controller             -Nou Ensemble audio, video video older audios Mano y Mente (2016-2017) (For percussion)             -Miquel Bernat audio Room & Elbow (2016-2017) (for vl, vla, vcl (played with transducers) unplayed piano, percussion, transducer speakers, midi controller keyboard)             -Vertixe Sonora ensemble audio Gyre & Gimble (2015-2016) Chamber opera             -Staatstheater Darmstadt video